Alessandro Perra is an Italian Photographer born in Cagliari, Sardinia.
Alessandro’s career started in 2013 with the first pubblication on “Practical Photoshop” of London.
Passionate about sport, music and cinema, his images seek to convery fragments of story.
He currently lives in Cagliari where he work as photographer, photo assistant and retoucher with the professional fashion photographer Stefania Paparelli.
During this experience he worked for Gioia, Twin-Set, Elle, Annabelle, Orazio Luciano, Dodo, How To Spend IT, Commons and Sense, Please and Red Milk Magazine.
In 2015 he begins to work as retoucher for prestigious fashion magazines: Cosmopolitan , ELLE, Gioia, VOGUE,  GQ Brasil, Mojeh, Motivi,  Annabelle, Bulgari, Chanel, Aishti and more.